n. pl.

1. Division into three parts or elements.
2. A system based on three parts or elements.

3. Piano. Drums. Bass.

Sean Foran - piano
John Parker - drums
Sam Vincent - bass

Trichotomy's compelling, hugely dynamic trio music draws on sounds of avant-rock, ECM minimalism and their love of collective improvisation, in an entrancing Australian echo of the European jazz innovations of the likes of EST or Tord Gustavsen. Modern, imaginative & thoroughly inventive, this is a group in total control of their sound world. Having carved out a reputation as one of the most exciting trios in contemporary jazz, this Australian trio is a unique voice in modern music. 

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BBC Music Magazine
"this is a genuine trio, with three equally important parts, and they never put a foot or finger wrong" 5 stars!

"highly engaging peaks, the trio is in full flow"
"very ‘now'-sounding...beautifully poised"

The Guardian
"These three make the resources of the conventional piano trio go a long way."
"absorbingly varied menu....memorably moving"
"Trichotomy are a band with character.... and refreshingly, they refuse to stick to the same one"

The Australian
"a brilliant trio of stellar originality"
"...fresh and exciting-and, yes, varied. Variations should be the album that propels Trichotomy to world-wide recognition"
"Fact Finding Mission is the sound of one of the most exciting trios in contemporary music".

Sydney Morning Herald
The Gentle War is - “The bands most vibrant album in it’s history”
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Latest News

Video, audio & Score for "The Odd Couple" 

It's been a fantastic year of collaborations and a few people have been asking about the music to "The Odd Couple" - the piece we premiered at the Bangalow Chamber Music Festival with Southern Cross Soloists and Leigh Carriage. 
Sooo… for those musicians out there, here is a PDF version of the full score… Watch out.. there's quite a few pages! 

"The Odd Couple" - Full Score (PDF

you can download audio of the performance here "The Odd Couple": AUDIO

and the full performance is here:

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

"Healthy" album out now! 

We're really pleased to get this back out. It was recorded a few years back, and pulled from distro not long after release…. long story… anyway… SO pleased to have it out again. It's a beautiful album of really interesting music. 

Download the track "That which is not fleeting" for FREE

“HEALTHY” is just that, the heathy combination of like musical minds. Consisting of a blend of works from composers in each ensemble the resulting album is breathtaking. One could compare it to the sounds minimalist sounds of Michael Nyman, Terry Riley and Steve Reich, with a touch of Astor Piazolla, and the modern jazz influences of  Pat Metheny. Wrap this up in the visual, cinematic style of Bernard Hermann and the Cinematic Orchestra and you’re getting close.


by Topology & Trichotomy

  1. 1 Buy [Info] Generations 03:16
  2. 2 Buy [Info] That Which is not fleeting 06:42
  3. 3 Buy [Info] Clapping Music 02:55
  4. 4 Buy [Info] Mean 06:04
  5. 5 Buy [Info] Intro to a Healthy Lifestyle 01:33
  6. 6 Buy [Info] Healthy Lifestyle v3 06:17
  7. 7 Buy [Info] A New Beginning 06:00
  8. 8 Buy [Info] Round Roads 07:14
  9. 9 Buy [Info] Lost at Sea 04:01