Trichotomy & Danny Widdicombe

We have a surprising new project. Perhaps some of you have followed our music making for some time, and no doubt you're seen that we have enjoyed collaborating with a variety of artists - jazz musicians, classical ensembles, video artists, and dance companies, all in Australia and internationally. I also recall a performance in China where we performed alongside a magician. Yep.. that's not a typo. 

Anyway... what's the new thing all about you ask? 

Danny Widdicombe & Trichotomy. 

Danny is a wonderful singer, songwriting and guitarist. You may know him from his work with the acclaimed folk group "THE WILSON PICKERS" and he's been a good friend of ours for many years, but we'd never really had the chance to work together. So, enough of the madness....lets make some music together! 

But what's it all going to sound like?? Well.... jazz/country/folk/bluegrass... perhaps that sounds a little odd... but it sounds quite charming actually! 

We got together recently in the Trichotomy HQ to play through some of the songs Danny has written specifically for this collaboration. You can listen to them below and enjoy hearing the band and Danny play though the material for the very first time! Kinda like sitting in on our rehearsal :) 

Now we plan to record this new collection of music later this year and take it on the road around Australia in 2019. We'd love your support and have put together a project with the Australian Cultural Fund. 

Through this you can contribute to our project, and not only feel good about supporting the arts in Australia, but also your contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! 

Very nice indeed. 

All the info you need is here - 

We would love your support, every little contribution counts and helps us create this wonderful art.