New album project with Australian Cultural Fund

It's time for some new music!! 
As you may have seen on some of our social posts, we're in the midst of a wonderful new album with our good friend and all-round brilliant musician, the singer, songwriter and guitarist, Danny Widdicombe.

Here's the story.

We released an album with Danny back in 2019, “Between the Lines” -  - and gosh, that was fun to create and to tour around Queensland. We've been enjoying some great shows with Danny since then, but now it's time to release some more music. 

But this time, we wanted it to be different, to capture a special moment in the recording process. 

So we headed down to Frying Pan Studios at the art gallery MONA in Hobart, Tasmania. We spent 3 days recording a heap of songs live. Songs that we and Danny had rehearsed a bit in the Trichotomy studio in Brisbane, but not really played much… so we explored them together in the studio. We wanted to capture the sound of the band really improvising and finding the music during the recording process.

Sonically, it digs more into a funkier, bluesier, but abstract kind of sound... it's a little bit Miles Bitches Brew, a little bit ‘The Meters’… if you know what I mean. But there's a sweet folk-melody edge to it as well. 

Now we're working on post-production - that's the mixing, mastering, production of CDs, LPs, and publicity material for the album release later in the year. We'll be touring this album to more cities in Australia next year - and ideally taking these sounds to our fans in the northern hemisphere.

There's a lot to do in making this album something truly stunning. Click the pic below to see video of us in action and learn more about this project.


This is where we need your help. We've done some crowdfunding previously for albums, but this is different. 

We've got a project setup with the AUSTRALIAN CULTURAL FUND. What's that? Well - ‘The ACF is a fundraising platform for Australian artists and arts organisations. It was established in 2003 to encourage donations to the arts and is operated by Creative Australia

What does this mean? 

Well - The ACF is great for artists because of our Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. This means that supporters make a donation to the ACF but can preference a particular artist to be the beneficiary of their gift.  Donations to the ACF over $2 are tax deductible.

AND - We've been selected to be a part of the 2024 ACF BOOST PROGRAM.  

SO ----- as part of this, your donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar with a funding ‘boost’ up to $4,000 from Creative Australia.

We would love your support to raise funds to help produce and release this album. Your contributions will enable us to create and share new Australian music with audiences in Australia and internationally. 

Hit the link below, and go to the DONATE NOW button. Every contribution will help - and we can't do this without you. 

Feel free to share this with your crew - anyone you think would like to support new Australian music. 

Thanks for your support - it is so very appreciated, and enables us to create this music.