New album TO VANISH released MARCH 24 with UK + EUROPE shows


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vivaciously balances thematic eloquence with tight-knit polyphonic sophistication…you have to know a lot about music to make it this well” - John Fordham

— The Guardian




Trichotomy @ Trichotomy @ Newhampton Arts Centre - UK TOUR

Trichotomy @ Newhampton Arts Centre - UK TOUR, Wolverhampton

Trichotomy perform at the Newhampton Arts Centre as part of their UK/Europe tour - with a new album TO VANISH.

With a 20 year history of making music together, the award winning Australian piano trio TRICHOTOMY have crafted a sound that deftly blends captivating hook driven melodies, intricate rhythms and intuitive group improvising.

Sean Foran - piano
John Parker - drums
Samuel Vincent - bass